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AcePings, Premium UK/EU Reselling Group.

Only £30 a month, Cancel Anytime


Why Should You Choose Us?

Fastest Monitors

Over 100 of the fastest monitors out there. Get the edge on the competition with our instant alerts. Our monitors feature: Offspring, End, Foot Aslyum, Playstation 5s, Graphic Cards + Plenty More

Expert Staff

We went out and found the leading experts in their field and brought them to AcePings. These experts provide information on what to buy, sell, how much to sell for and everything in between.

Instant Access

Sign up today and get instant access to all our tools and information. Our group is designed for experts as well as beginners. If you are new to the resell game we will have our staff walk you through everything.


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More Reasons To Join Us

Our lightning fast monitors catch all sneaker restocks and flip releases. Combined with our staff ready to ping you, copping FCFS will have never been easier.

NFT Calls

We employee the Top NFT analysts in the market. Their calls have a proven track record of consistent success. We provide daily calls which include estimated resell and risk factor. Whether you're new or experienced, we can elevate your NFT gains.

Release Guides

We provide you with release dates for every single profitable shoe dropping, and tell you exactly where you can purchase them and at what price. As soon as stock goes live on sites our monitors will ping you!

Lowkey Flips

Who said you can just make money off flipping sneakers? We provide you reselling calls for: PS5s, Cards, Hats, Clothing, Graphics Cards + Plenty more

Brick Flips

We provide you with consistent high ROI brick flips throughout the day, regardless if it’s a drop day or not! Our exclusive providers are always active and ensuring that our members are getting the best information!


We offer Groupbuys for top performing EU/UK Bots and Scripts to increase your chances at making a profit on all the different drops available

Instore Information

We employ over 20 Staff members in the UK and across Europe who are actively pinging live drops instore! We also have connections to many backdoors, so our instore release guides tell you what shoes are dropping and where beforehand!

In-House Bot

Our inhouse bot called Ace AIO is available to members and allows you to easily bot sites including Disney & Aldi. We currently have Footlocker & Offspring in the works!

Freebies & Deals

Our monitors and staff ping great freebies/deals throughout the day, this can be anything from massive sales, completely free items or price errors!


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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Ace Pings?

AcePings is a premium EU/UK CookGroup that uses Discord to notify & help you cop limited releases and all profitable drops.

How Much is AcePings?

Ace Pings monthly membership is £30. Annual membership (reoccurs every year) is £300. The lifetime memberhip is £500.

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel at ANY time using our dashboard.

How Much Money Can I Make With Ace Pings?

Our members are making thousands of pounds a month using our server. The sky is your limit as reselling is scaleable! The more work you put in, the more money you'll get out.

How Can I Join?

You can purchase by clicking 'Buy Now' on one of our three plans! Monthly, annual or lifetime membership.

What Countries Do You Support?

We're a UK/EU Cook Group supporting United Kingdom and the whole of Europe.